May 9, 2010

potty training

I thought I would send a quick blog about Nolan Potty Training.  He has been training since mid April and is doing well.  We've had a few accidents--but nothing major.  He is even asking to use the potty sometimes at home and at school. 

We discovered that he liked the feeling of the pull up against his parts & we think it sent a signal to go.  Almost as soon as we "cold turkeyed" the pull ups he didn't have a BM everyday (or several times a day for that matter) or didn't urinate frequently.  We went "commando" for a while & he was good and then we tried to use underware and the accidents started--so we went back to commando and then we were given a suggestion of using boxers and those did the trick--so boxers it is.

I mean don't get me wrong he still has mistakes--matter of fact he had one while I'm writing this.  He doesn't really have a pattern yet--but we have seen him go about to 3 hours without going or he will start going and then stop & restart.   You know what tho' I'll take the few accidents over having him in a pull up.  I never thought he would train---I seriously thought he would be in high school still in a pull up--so good for him.  I think by the end of summer he will be good to go & thank GOD because kindergarten starts in September and that was one of my biggest worries about him starting kindergarten.

Thanks to everyone who is a follower of mine and being patient with my few and far between blogs.  Hopefully they can pick up soon.