Mar 3, 2010

Make your heart melt.

Nolan goes to school 5 days a week and on two of them I pick him up @ 12:45 for his therapies.  This past Monday when I went to get him at school, he and his teacher were waiting outside for me to get there.  As I pulled up I saw that Nolan was trying to go back into the school and the teacher (bless her heart) was doing all she could to keep him outside.

I parked the car and got out and said "Nolan" to get his attention.  As soon as he heard that, he turned around and said "MOMMY" and ran down the ramp all excited towards me!  I just about started to cry right there! 

To most parents, having their children call them MOMMY and be excited to see them is almost taken for granted.  In my case Nolan is autistic and has never called me MOMMY or been excited to see me.  He is just now starting to say Hi Mom/Dad when he sees us and he will be 5 in April.

He has come so far.  I will admit that there are days when I worry that he will never talk and have to be put in a home when he is older--then days like this come along and it just makes it all go away.